A. Fillmore FL

Abigail Fillmore, 11th First Lady of the United States

11th First Lady of the United States
Term July 9, 1850 - March 4, 1853  (52-54)
Predecessor Margaret Taylor
Successor Jane Pierce

Full Name Abigail Powers Fillmore

March 13, 1798

Stillwater, New York

Father Lemuel Powers  (1756-1800)
Mother Abigail Newland Powers Strong  (1758-1838)

Cyrus Powers  (1779-1841)

David Powers  (1782-1850)

John Powers  (1784-1821)

Royal Newland Powers  (1786-1830)

Lemuel Powers  (1789-1835)

Sisters Mary Powers  (1793-1848)

March 30, 1853

Washington, D.C.

(55 years)

Millard Fillmore  (1800-1874)

Married February 5, 1826

(27 years)

Millard Powers Fillmore

Born April 25, 1828

Died November 15, 1889

(61 years)

Mary Abigail Fillmore

Born March 27, 1832

Died July 26, 1854

(22 years)

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