Barack Obama, 44th President of the United States

44th President
Political Party Democratic
Term January 20, 2009 - Present  (47-Present)
Vice President Joe Biden
Predecessor George Walker Bush

Full Name Barack Hussein Obama II

August 4, 1961  (53 years)

Honolulu, Hawaii

Father Barack Hussein Obama, Sr.  (1936-1982)
Mother Stanley Ann Dunham  (1942-1995)

Malik Obama  (1958-, Paternal Half-Brother)

Mark Obama Ndesandjo  (1965-, Paternal Half-Brother)

David Obama Ndesandjo  (1967-1987, Paternal Half-Brother)

Abo Obama  (1968-, Paternal Half-Brother)

Bernard Obama  (1970-, Paternal Half-Brother)

George Obama  (1982-, Paternal Half-Brother)


Auma Obama Manners  (1960-, Paternal Half-Sister)

Maya Soetoro Ng  (1970-, Maternal Half-Sister)

Alma Mater

Harvard Law School  (J.D. 1991)

Columbia University  (B.A. 1983)


United States Senator from Illinois  (2005-2008)

Illinois State Senator  (1997-2004)

Lecturer and Constitutional Law Professor, University of Chicago  (1992-1996)


Community Organizer

Michelle LaVaughan Robinson  (1964-)

Married October 3, 1992 

(23 years)

Malia Ann Obama

Born 1998

(17 years)

Natasha Obama

Born 2001

(14 years)

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