Caroline Harrison, 19th First Lady of the United States

19th First Lady of the United States
Term March 4, 1889 - October 25, 1892  (56-60)
Predecessor Frances Cleveland
Successor Frances Cleveland

Full Name Caroline Lavinia Scott Harrison

October 1, 1832

Oxford, Ohio

Father John Witherspoon Scott  (1800-1892)
Mother Mary Potts Neal Scott  (1811-1876)

John Neal Scott  (1836-1898)

Henry Scott  (1838-1877)

Sisters Elizabeth Scott Lord  (1828-1899)
Alma Mater Miami University  (1852)

October 25, 1892

Washington, D.C

(60 years)

Benjamin Harrison  (1833-1901) 

Married October 20, 1853

(39 years)


Russell Benjamin Harrison

(m.1884 Mary Saunders)

(1 son, 1 daughter)

Born August 12, 1854

Died December 13, 1936

(82 years)

Mary Scott Harrison McKee

(m.1884 James McKee)

(1 son, 1 daughter)

Born April 3, 1858

Died October 28, 1930

(72 years)

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