C Curtis

31st Vice President
Political Party Republican
Term March 4, 1929 - March 4, 1933  (69-73)
President Herbert Hoover
Predecessor Charles G. Dawes
Successor John N. Garner

Full Name Charles Curtis

January 25, 1860

Topeka, Kansas

Father Orren Arms Curtis  (1829-1898)
Mother Ellen Pappan  (1840-1863)

Elizabeth Curtis Colvin  (1862-1943)

Theresa Curtis Gann  (1872-1953, Paternal Half-Sister)


U.S. Senate Majority Leader  (1925-1929)

President Pro Tempore of the U.S. Senate  (1911-1911)

U.S. Senator from Kansas  (1907-1913, 1915-1929)

Representative from Kansas's 1st District  (1899-1907)

Representative from Kansas's 4th District  (1893-1899)



February 8, 1936

Washington, D.C.

(76 years)

Anna Elizabeth Baird  (1860-1924)

Married November 27, 1884

Widowed June 20, 1924

(39 years)


Permelia Jeannette Curtis George

(m.1915 Charles George)

Born 1886

Died 1955

(69 years)

Henry King Curtis

(m.1915 Beatrice Eliot)

Born 1890

Died 1946

(56 years)

Leona Virginia Curtis Knight

(m.1919 Webster Knight)

Born 1892

Died 1965

(73 years)

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