26th Vice President
Political Party Republican
Term March 4, 1905 - March 4, 1909  (52-56)
President Theodore Roosevelt
Predecessor Theodore Roosevelt
Successor James S. Sherman

Full Name Charles Warren Fairbanks

May 11, 1852

Unionville Center, Ohio

Father Loriston Monroe Fairbanks  (1824-1900)
Mother Mary Adelaide DeForest Smith  (1830-1916)

Luther Monroe Fairbanks  (1855-1930)

William DeForest Fairbanks  (1857-1925)

Newton Hamilton Fairbanks  (1859-1937)

Henry Smith Fairbanks  (1868-1894)

Adolphus McDonald Fairbanks  (1870-1874)


Mary Lovenia Fairbanks  (1847-1849)

Mary Elizabeth Fairbanks  (1849-1851)

Jennie Fairbanks Milligan  (1862-1949)

Nellie Marceline Fairbanks  (1864-1884)

Alma Mater Ohio Wesleyan University  (1872)

U.S. Senator from Indiana  (1897-1905)


Railroad Manager and Financier


June 4, 1918

Indianapolis, Indiana

(66 years)

Cornelia Cole  (1852-1913)

Married October 6, 1874

Widowed October 24, 1913

(39 years)


Mary Adelaide Fairbanks Allen Timmons Causey

(m.1897 Horace Allen)

(m.1903 John Timmons)

(m.1929 Lewis Causey)

Born 1875

Died 1961

(86 years)

Warren Charles Fairbanks

(m.1904 Helene Cassidy)

Born 1878

Died 1938

(60 years)

Frederick Cole Fairbanks

(m.1906 Helen Scott)

(m.1938 Dorothy Kernochan)

Born 1881

Died 1940

(59 years)

Richard Monroe Fairbanks

(m.1911 Louise Hibben)

(m.1918 Robertine Buchanan)

Born 1883

Died 1944

(61 years)

Robert Fairbanks

Born 1888

Died 1951

(63 years)

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