6th Vice President
Political Party Democratic-Republican
Term March 4, 1817 - March 4, 1825  (42-50)
President James Monroe
Predecessor Elbridge Gerry
Successor John C. Calhoun

Full Name Daniel D. Tompkins

June 21, 1774

Scarsdale, New York

Father Jonathan Griffin Tompkins  (1736-1823)
Mother Sarah Ann Hyatt  (1740-1810)

Caleb Tompkins  (1759-1846)

Gabriel Tompkins  (1760-1761)

Joshua Griffin Tompkins  (1761-1860)

Elijah Tompkins  (1765-1815)

John Griffin Tompkins  (1767-1772)

Enoch Tompkins  (1771-1834)

George Washington Tompkins  (1777-1860)


Dorothy Tompkins Ward  (1762-1790)

Phoebe Tompkins  (1769-1789)

Anna Tompkins Secor  (1779-1852)

Sarah Tompkins Oakley  (1782-1876)

Alma Mater Columbia College  (B.A. 1795)

Chancellor of the University of the State of New York  (1808-1817)

5th Governor of New York  (1807-1817)

Associate Justice of the New York State Supreme Court  (1804-1807)

Delegate to the New York State Constitutional Convention  (1801)



June 11, 1825

Tompkinsville, New York

(50 years)

Hannah Minthorne  (1781-1829)

Married February 20, 1798

(27 years)


Arietta Minthorne Tompkins Thompson

(m.1818 Gilbert Thompson)

Born 1800

Died 1837

(37 years)

Griffin Tompkins

(m.1823 Cornelia Standerwick)

Born 1801

Died 1859

(58 years)

Hannah Ellsworth Tompkins Westervelt

(m.1825 John Westervelt)

Born 1803

Died 1843

(40 years)

Sarah Ann Tompkins Gordon

(m.1828 Archibald Gordon)

Born 1805

Died 1851

(46 years)

Mangle Minthorne Tompkins

(m.1831 Susan Lawson)

Born 1807

Died 1881

(74 years)

Daniel Hyatt Tompkins

(m.1835 Eliza Wright)

Born 1810

Died 1875

(65 years)

Susannah MacLaren Tompkins Smith

(m.1834 Richard Smith)

Born 1812

Died 1882

(70 years)

John Ray Tompkins

(m.1834 Susan Titus)

Born 1814

Died 1892

(78 years)

Clinton Tompkins

Born 1816

Died 1816

(less than 1 year)

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