EB Wilson

Edith Wilson, 25th First Lady of the United States

25th First Lady of the United States
Term December 18, 1915 - March 4, 1921  (43-48)
Predecessor Ellen Wilson
Successor Florence Harding

Full Name Edith Bolling Galt Wilson

October 15, 1872

Wytheville, Virginia

Father William Holcombe Bolling  (1837-1899)
Mother Sarah Spiers White Bolling  (1843-1925)

Rolfe Emerson Bolling  (1861-1936)

William Archibald Bolling  (1867-1934)

Charles Rodefer Bolling  (1871-1871)

John Randolph Bolling  (1876-1951)

Richard Wilmer Bolling  (1879-1951)

Julian Brandon Bolling  (1882-1951)


Ellen Bolling  (1858-1858)

Gertrude Bolling Galt  (1863-1961)

Ann Bolling Maury  (1865-1917)

Geraldine Bolling  (1885-1887)


December 28, 1961

Washington, D.C.

(89 years)

Norman Galt  (1864-1908)

Married April 30,1896

Widowed January 28, 1908

(11 years)

Woodrow Wilson  (1856-1924)

Married December 18, 1915

Widowed February 3, 1924

(8 years)


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