EA Wilson

Ellen Wilson, 24th First Lady of the United States

24th First Lady of the United States
Term March 4, 1913 - August 6, 1914  (52-54)
Predecessor Helen Taft
Successor Edith Wilson

Full Name Ellen Louise Axson Wilson

May 15, 1860

Savannah, Georgia

Father Samuel Edward Axson  (1836-1884)
Mother Margaret Jane Hoyt Axson  (1838-1881)

Isaac Stockton Keith Axson  (1867-1935)

Edward William Axson  (1876-1905)

Sisters Margaret Axson Elliott  (1881-1958)

August 6, 1914

Washington, D.C.

(54 years)

Woodrow Wilson  (1856-1924)

Married June 25, 1885

(29 years)

Margaret Woodrow Wilson

Born April 16, 1886

Died February 12, 1944

(57 years)

Jessie Woodrow Wilson Sayre

(m.1913 Francis Sayre)

(2 sons, 1 daughter)

Born August 28, 1887

Died January 15, 1933

(45 years)

Eleanor Randolph Wilson McAdoo

(m.1914 William McAdoo)

(2 daughters)

Born October 16, 1889

Died April 5, 1967

(77 years)

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