F Harding

Florence Harding, 26th First Lady of the United States

26th First Lady of the United States
Term March 4, 1921 - August 2, 1923  (60-62)
Predecessor Edith Wilson
Successor Grace Coolidge

Full Name Florence Mabel Kling DeWolfe Harding

August 15, 1860

Marion, Ohio

Father Amos Hall Kling  (1833-1913)
Mother Louisa Mabel Bouton Kling  (1836-1893)

Clifford Bouton Kling  (1861-1937)

Vetallis Hall Kling  (1864-1938)


November 21, 1924

Marion, Ohio

(64 years)

Henry Atherton DeWolfe  (1859-1894)

Married January 22, 1880

Divorced June 1886

(6 years)

Warren G. Harding  (1865-1923)

Married July 8, 1891

Widowed August 2, 1923

(32 years)


Marshall Eugene DeWolfe

(m.1908 Esther Neely)

(1 son, 1 daughter)

Born  September 22, 1880

Died January 1, 1915

(34 years)

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