Franklin D. Roosevelt, 32nd President of the United States

32nd President
Political Party Democratic
Term March 4, 1933 - April 12, 1945  (51-63)
Vice President

John N. Garner   1933-1941

Henry A. Wallace  1941-1945

Harry S. Truman  1945

Predecessor Herbert Hoover
Successor Harry S. Truman

Full Name Franklin Delano Roosevelt

January 30, 1882

Hyde Park, New York

Father James Roosevelt  (1828-1900)
Mother Sara Ann Delano  (1854-1941)
Brothers James Roosevelt  (1854-1927, Paternal Half-Brother)
Alma Mater Harvard College  (A.B. 1903)

44th Governor of New York  (1929-1932)

Assistant Secretary of the Navy  (1913-1920)

New York State Senator from the 26th District  (1911-1913)

Corporate Lawyer


April 12, 1945

Warm Springs, Georgia

(63 years)

Anna Eleanor Roosevelt  (1884-1962)

Married March 17, 1905

(40 years)


Anna Eleanor Roosevelt Dall Boettiger Halsted

(m.1926 Curtis Dall)

(m.1935 John Boettiger)

(m.1952 James Halsted)

Born 1906

Died 1975

(69 years)

James Roosevelt

(m.1930 Betset Cushing)

(m.1941 Romelle Schneider)

(m.1956 Gladys Owens)

(m.1969 Mary Winskill)

Born 1907

Died 1991

(84 years)

Franklin Delano Roosevelt Jr.

Born 1909

Died 1909

(less than 1 year)

Elliott Roosevelt

(m.1932 Elizabeth Donner)

(m.1934 Ruth Googins)

(m.1944 Faye Emerson)

(m.1951 Minnewa Bell)

(m.1960 Patricia Peabody)

Born 1910

Died 1990

(80 years)

Franklin Delano Roosevelt Jr.

(m.1937 Ethel DuPont)

(m.1949 Suzanne Perrin)

(m.1970 Felicia Warburg)

(m.1977 Patricia Oakes)

(m.1984 Linda Weicker)

Born 1914

Died 1988

(74 years)

John Aspinwall Roosevelt

(m.1938 Anne Clark)

(m.1965 Irene Boyd)

Born 1916

Died 1981

(65 years)

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