F Richardson California

25th Governor of California
Political Party Republican
Term January 9, 1923 - January 4, 1927  (57-61)
Lieutenant Governor C.C. Young
Predecessor William Stephens
Successor C.C. Young

Full Name Friend William Richardson

December 1, 1865

Friends Colony, Michigan

Father William Richardson  (1831-1892)
Mother Rhoda Catherine Dye  (1840-1907)

California State Superintendant of Banks  (1934-1939)

California State Building and Loan Commissioner  (1932-1934)

Chief Publisher of the Alameda Times Star Newspaper  (1931-1939)

21st California State Treasurer  (1915-1923)

Superintendant of the Cailfornia State Printing Office  (1901-1914)

Newspaper owner and publisher

County Clerk

Law Librarian


September 6, 1943

Berkeley, California

(77 years)

Augusta Felder  (1869-1955)

Married July 23, 1891

(52 years)


Ruth Richardson Hilby Smith Van Cleve

(m.1920 George Hilby)

(m.1926 Frank Smith)

(m.1935 Frank Van Cleve)

Born 1893

Died 1977

(84 years)

Paul William Richardson

Born 1895

Died 1967

(72 years)

John Albert Richardson

Born 1912

Died 1980

(68 years)

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