11th Vice President
Political Party Democratic
Term March 4, 1845 - March 4, 1849  (52-56)
President James K. Polk
Predecessor John Tyler
Successor Millard Fillmore

Full Name George Mifflin Dallas

July 10, 1792

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Father Alexander James Dallas  (1759-1817)
Mother Arabella Maria Smith  (1761-1837)

Alexander James Dallas Jr.  (1791-1844)

Trevanion Barlow Dallas  (1801-1841)


Sophia Dallas Bache  (1784-1860)

Maria Dallas Campbell  (1786-1867)

Matilda Dallas Wilkins  (1798-1881)

Alma Mater College of New Jersey  (1810)

United States Minister to the Court of St. James's  (1856-1861)

United States Minister to Russia  (1837-1839)

17th Pennsylvania Attorney General  (1833-1835)

U.S. Senator from Pennsylvania  (1831-1833)

United States Attorney for the Eatern District of Pennsylvania  (1829-1831)

Mayor of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania  (1828-1829)

Deputy Attorney General of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania  (1817-1820)

Remitter of the U.S. Treasury  (1814-1817)

Private Secretary to Albert Gallatin  (1813-1814)



December 31, 1864

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

(72 years)

Sophia Chew Nicklin  (1798-1869)

Married May 23, 1816

(48 years)

Julia Maria Dallas

Born 1819

Died 1886

(67 years)

Elizabeth Nicklin Dallas Tucker

(m.1843 David Tucker)

Born 1822

Died 1902

(80 years)

Sophia Philips Dallas

Born 1823

Died 1899

(76 years)

Philip Mifflin Dallas

Born 1825

Died 1866

(41 years)

Alexander James Dallas

Born 1826

Died 1826

(less than 1 year)

Catherine Chew Dallas Dixon

(m.1848 Fitz Dixon)

Born 1827

Died 1878

(51 years)

Charlotte Byron Dallas Morrell

(m.1854 Charles Morrell)

Born 1836

Died 1908

(72 years)

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