Gerald Ford, 38th President of the United States

38th President
Political Party Republican
Term August 9, 1974 - January 20, 1977  (61-63)
Vice President Nelson Rockefeller
Predecessor Richard Nixon
Successor Jimmy Carter

40th Vice President
Term December 6, 1973 - August 9, 1974  (60-61)
President Richard Nixon
Predecessor Spiro Agnew
Successor Nelson Rockefeller

Full Name Gerald Rudolph Ford

July 14, 1913

Omaha, Nebraska

Father Leslie Lynch King  (1884-1941)
Mother Dorothy Ayer Gardner  (1892-1967)

Leslie Henry King  (1923-1976, Paternal Half-Brother)

Thomas Gardner Ford  (1918-1995, Maternal Half-Brother)

Richard Addison Ford  (1924-, Maternal Half-Brother)

James Francis Ford  (1927-2001, Maternal Half-Brother)


Marjorie King  (1921-1993, Paternal Half-Sister)

Patricia Jane King  (1925-, Paternal Half-Sister)

Alma Mater

Yale Law School  (J.D. 1941)

University of Michigan  (B.A. 1935)

Military Services

Lieutenant Commander,

United States Navy



16th United States House Minority Leader  (1965-1973)

Representative from Michigan's 5th District  (1949-1973)



December 26, 2006

Rancho Mirage, California

(93 years)

Elizabeth Ann Bloomer Warren  (1918-2011)

Married October 15, 1948

(58 years)


Michael Gerald Ford

(m.1974 Gayle Brumbaugh)

Born 1950

(65 years)

John Gardner Ford

(m.1989 Juliann Felando)

Born 1952

(63 years)

Steven Meigs Ford

Born 1956

(59 years)

Susan Elizabeth Ford Vance Bales

(m.1979 Charles Vance)

(m.1989 Vaden Bales)

Born 1957

(58 years)

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