H Gage CA

20th Governor of California
Political Party Republican
Term January 4, 1899 - January 7, 1903  (46-50)
Lieutenant Governor Jacob H. Neff
Predecessor James Budd
Successor George Pardee

Full Name Henry Tifft Gage

December 25, 1852

Geneva, New York

Father DeWitt Clinton Gage  (1820-1887)
Mother Catherine Glover  (1816-1882)

William Glover Gage  (1848-1924)

James DeWitt Gage  (1857-1928)


U.S. Minister to Portugal  (1910)

Los Angeles, California City Attorney  (1881-1887)

Real Estate Owner



August 28, 1924

Los Angeles, California 

(71 years)

Francisca Victoria Rains  (1863-1951)

Married July 15, 1880

(44 years)


Arthur Glover Gage

(m.1909 Marie Bush)

Born 1881

Died 1961

(80 years)

Volney Tifft Gage

(m.1908 Gladys Henshaw)

Born 1888

Died 1910

(22 years)

Francis William Gage

(m.1914 Polina Reyner)

Born 1890

Died 1978

(88 years)

Lucille Gage Rand

(m.1911 Elbridge Rand)

Born 1892

Died 1980

(88 years)

Fanita Gage 

Born 1894

Died 1952

(58 years)

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