HH Haight

10th Governor of California
Political Party Democratic
Term December 5, 1867 - December 8, 1871  (42-46)
Lieutenant Governor William Holden
Predecessor Frederick Low
Successor Newton Booth

Full Name Henry Huntly Haight

May 20, 1825

Rochester, New York

Father Fletcher Mathews Haight  (1799-1866)
Mother Elizabeth Stuart McLachlan  (1801-1827)

Dugald Cameron Haight  (1827-1852)

Samuel Haight  (1830-1853, Paternal Half-Brother)

Fletcher Haight  (1832-1833, Paternal Half-Brother)

Fletcher Mathews Haight Jr.  (1837-1847, Paternal Half-Brother)

Robert Haight  (1842-1901, Paternal Half-Brother)


Jeanette Cameron Haight  (1823-1844)

Elizabeth Haight  (1834-1870, Paternal Half-Sister)

Sarah Haight  (1835-1868, Paternal Half-Sister)

Anna Huntington Haight  (1841-1868, Paternal Half-Sister)

Lucy Haight Sawyer  (1844-1890, Paternal Half-Sister)

Mary Haight Hackett  (1846-1904, Paternal Half-Sister)

Occupation Lawyer

September 2, 1878

San Francisco, California

(53 years)

Anna Elizabeth Bissell  (1834-1898)

Married January 24, 1855

(23 years)

Janet Cameron Haight

Born 1858

Died 1931

(73 years)

Cameron Haight

Born 1860

Died 1866

(6 years)

Henry Huntly Haight Jr.

(m.1894 Gertrude Mills)

(m.1902 Dora Benson)

Born 1865

Died 1919

(54 years)

Louis Montrose Haight

(m.1900 Minnie Schuler)

Born 1868

Died 1942

(74 years)

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