I. McKinley

Ida McKinley, 21st First Lady of the United States

21st First Lady of the United States
Term March 4, 1897 - September 14, 1901  (49-54)
Predecessor Frances Cleveland
Successor Edith Roosevelt

Full Name Ida Saxton McKinley

June 8, 1847

Canton, Ohio

Father James Asbury Saxton  (1816-1887)
Mother Katherine DeWalt Saxton  (1827-1873)
Brothers George DeWalt Saxton  (1850-1898)
Sisters Mary Saxton Barber  (1848-1917)

May 26, 1907

Canton, Ohio

(59 years)

William McKinley  (1843-1901)

Married January 25, 1871

Widowed September 14, 1901

(30 years)

Katherine McKinley

Born December 25, 1871

Died June 25, 1875

(3 years)

Ida McKinley

Born April 1, 1873

Died August 22, 1873

(4 months)

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