James Monroe, 5th President of the United States

5th President
Political Party Democratic-Republican
Term March 4, 1817 - March 4, 1825  (58-66)
Vice President Daniel D. Tompkins
Predecessor James Madison
Successor John Quincy Adams

Full Name James Monroe

April 28, 1758

Monroe Hall, Virginia

Father Spence Monroe  (1727-1774)
Mother Elizabeth Jones Monroe  (1730-1774)

Spence Monroe  (1759-1781)

Andrew Monroe  (1761-1826)

Joseph Jones Monroe  (1764-1824)

Sisters Elizabeth Monroe Buckner  (1753-1817)
Military Services


United States Continental Army



8th U.S. Secretary of War  (1814-1815)

7th U.S. Secretary of State  (1811-1817)

12th and 16th Governor of Virginia  (1799-1802, 1811)

U.S. Minister to the United Kingdom  (1803-1808)

U.S. Minister to France  (1794-1796)

U.S. Senator from Virginia  (1790-1794)

Virginia Delegate to the Congress of the Confederation  (1783-1786)




July 4, 1831

New York City, New York

(73 years)

Elizabeth Kortright  (1768-1830)

Married February 16, 1786

Widowed September 23, 1830

(44 years)


Eliza Kortright Monroe Hay

(m.1808 George Hay)

(1 daughter)

Born December 5, 1786

Died January 27, 1840

(53 years)

James Spence Monroe

Born May 12, 1799

Died September 28, 1800

(1 year)

Maria Hester Monroe Gouverneur

(m.1820 Samuel Gouverneur)

(2 sons, 1 daughter)

Born June 9, 1803

Died June 20, 1850

(47 years)

Presidential Election of 1816
Nominee Running Mate Political Party Popular Vote Electoral Vote
James Monroe  (VA) Daniel D. Tompkins  (NY) Democratic-Republican 76, 582  (68.2%) 183
Rufus King  (NY) John Eager Howard  (MD) Federalist 34, 740  (30.9%) 34

Presidential Election of 1820
Nominee Running Mate Political Party Popular Vote Electoral Vote

James Monroe  (VA)


Daniel D. Tompkins  (NY) Democratic-Republican 87, 343  (80.61%) 231
DeWitt Clinton  (NY) None Independent 1, 893  (1.75%) None
John Quincy Adams  (MA) Richard Rush  (PA) Democratic-Republican None 1

Presidential Cabinet
Name Office Term
John Quincy Adams  (MA) Secretary of State 1817-1825
William H. Crawford  (GA) Secretary of Treasury 1817-1825
John C. Calhoun  (SC) Secretary of War 1817-1825

Richard Rush  (PA)

William Wirt  (MD)

Attorney General



Benjamin W. Crowninshield  (MA)

Smith Thompson  (NY)

Samuel L. Southard  (NJ)

Secretary of the Navy




Supreme Court of the United States
Nominee Position Term
John Marshall  (VA) Chief Justice 1801-1835  (34 years, died)
Bushrod Washington  (VA) Associate Justice 1798-1829  (31 years, died)
William Johnson  (SC) Associate Justice 1804-1834  (30 years, died)
Henry B. Livingston  (NY) Associate Justice 1806-1823  (17 years, died)
Thomas Todd  (VA) Associate Justice 1807-1826  (19 years, died)
Gabriel Duvall  (MA) Associate Justice 1811-1835  (24 years, ret.)
Joseph Story  (MA) Associate Justice 1812-1845  (33 years, died)
Smith Thompson  (NY) Associate  Justice 1823-1843  (20 years, died)

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