JP Henderson

James Pinckney Henderson, 1st Governor of Texas

1st Governor of Texas
Political Party Democratic
Term February 19, 1846 - December 21, 1847  (37-39)
Lieutenant Governor Albert Clinton Horton
Successor George Tyler Wood

Full Name James Pinckney Henderson

March 31, 1808

Lincolnton, North Carolina

Father John Lawson Henderson  (1774-1843)
Mother Elizabeth Carruth  (1783-1849)

Wallace Alexanders Henderson  (1799-1823)

James Henderson  (1800-1801)

John Carruth Henderson  (1801-1833)

Charles Cotesworth Henderson  (1803-1869)

Lawson Franklin Henderson  (1806-1858)

Jared Irwin Henderson  (1810-1821)

Hugh Lawson Henderson  (1812-1837)

George William Henderson  (1814-1851)

Logan Barry Henderson  (1815-1844)

Walter Carruth Henderson  (1820-1850)

Wallace Alexander Irwin Henderson  (1827-1851)


Katherine Henderson  (1804-1805)

Mary Henderson Herndon  (1816-1877)

Margaret Sarah Henderson  (1822-1823)

Jane Eliza Henderson  (1824-1825)

Alma Mater University of North Carolina  (1828)

U.S. Senator from Texas  (1857-1858)

Minister to England and France from the Republic of Texas  (1837-1840)



June 4, 1858

Washington, D.C.

(50 years)

Frances Cox  (1820-1897)

Married October 30, 1839

(18 years)


Frances Cox Henderson Preuschen von und zu Liebenstein

(m.1864 Vincenz Preuschen von und zu Liebenstein)

Born 1843

Died 1921

(78 years)

Julia Biddle Henderson Adams

(m.1868 Edward Adams)

Born 1846

Died 1902

(56 years)

Martha Lyman Henderson

Born 1848

Died 1866

(18 years)

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