27th Vice President
Political Party Republican
Term March 4, 1909 - October 30, 1912  (53-57)
President William Howard Taft
Predecessor Charles W. Fairbanks
Successor Thomas R. Marshall

Full Name James Schoolcraft Sherman

October 24, 1855

Utica, New York

Father Richard Updike Sherman  (1819-1895)
Mother Mary Frances Sherman  (1822-1896)

Richard Winslow Sherman  (1848-1909)

Stalham Williams Sherman  (1853-1893)

Sanford Foster Sherman  (1858-1930)

Willet Sherman  (1862-1868)

Sisters Mary Sherman Cookingham  (1850-1917)
Alma Mater Hamilton College  (1878)

Representative from New York's 27th District  (1903-1909)

Representative from New York's 25th District  (1893-1903)

Representative from New York's 23rd District  (1887-1891)

Mayor of Utica, New York  (1884)



October 30, 1912

Utica, New York

(57 years)

Carrie Babcock  (1856-1931)

Married January 26, 1881

(31 years)


Sherrill Babcock Sherman

(m.1905 Katherine Baker)

Born 1883

Died 1962

(79 years)

Richard Updike Sherman

(m.1909 Eleanor Millar)

Born 1884

Died 1950

(66 years)

Thomas Moore Sherman

(m.1907 Elizabeth Cooper)

(m.1916 Myrtle Hulser)

Born 1885

Died 1944

(59 years)

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