L Stanford

8th Governor of California
Political Party Republican
Term January 10, 1862 - December 10, 1863  (37-39)
Lieutenant Governor John F. Chellis
Predecessor John G. Downey
Successor Frederick Low

Full Name Amasa Leland Stanford

March 9, 1824

Watervliet, New York

Father Josiah Stanford  (1795-1862)
Mother Elizabeth Phillips  (1791-1873)

Josiah Stanford Jr.  (1817-1890)

Charles Stanford  (1819-1885)

Asa Phillips Stanford  (1821-1903)

DeWitt Clinton Stanford  (1826-1862)

Jerome Bonaparte Stanford  (1829-1838)

Thomas Welton Stanford  (1832-1918)

Sisters Elvira Stanford  (1815-1816)
Alma Mater Cazenovia College  (1845)

U.S. Senator from California  (1885-1893)

Co-Founder of Stanford University  (1885)

President of the Southern Pacific Company  (1885-1890)

President of the Occidental and Oriental Steamship Company  (1874-1885)

Director of Wells Fargo and Company  (1870-1884)

Founder of Pacific Life Insurance Company  (1868)

President of the Southern Pacific Railroad  (1868-1890)

President of the Central Pacific Railroad  (1861-1868)

Justice of the Peace

Store Owner



June 21, 1893

Palo Alto, California

(69 years)

Jane Elizabeth Lathrop  (1828-1905)

Married September 30, 1850

(42 years)

Amasa Leland Stanford Jr.

Born 1868

Died 1884

(16 years)

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