M Latham

6th Governor of California
Political Party Democratic
Term January 9, 1860 - January 14, 1860  (32)
Lieutenant Governor John G. Downey
Predecessor John B. Weller
Successor John G. Downey

Full Name Milton Slocum Latham

May 23, 1827

Columbus, Ohio

Father Bela Latham  (1794-1858)
Mother Julia Sterritt  (1802-1838)

William Arthur Latham  (1824-1859)

James Hoge Latham  (1830-1876)

Theodore Latham  (1833-1833)

Allen Latham  (1841-1912, Paternal Half-Brother)

Edward Hempstead Latham  (1842-1928, Paternal Half-Brother)

Frank Bela Latham  (1847-1911, Paternal Half-Brother)


Mary Latham McKee  (1822-1864)

Julia Latham  (1840-1840, Paternal Half-Sister)

Alma Mater Jefferson College  (1845)

President of the New York Stock and Mining Exchange  (1879-1882)

Chief of the San Franciso Branch of London and San Francisco Bank Limited  (1863-1879)

U.S. Senator from California  (1860-1863)

U.S. Customs Collector for the Port of San Francisco, California  (1856-1857)

Representative from California's At-large District  (1853-1855)

District Attorney of Sacramento, California  (1851-1852)

Recording Clerk for San Francisco County, California  (1850-1851)

Circuit Court Clerk for Russell County, Alabama  (1848-1850)




March 4, 1882

New York City, New York

(54 years)

Sophie Birdsall  (1835-1867)

Married 1858

Widowed 1867

(9 years)

Mary McMullen  (1847-1939)

Married 1870

(12 years)

James Sterritt Latham

Born 1860

Died 1880

(20 years)

Milton Slocum Latham Jr.

Born 1872

Died 1882

(10 years)

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