N Rockefeller

41st Vice President
Political Party Republican
Term December 19, 1974 - January 20, 1977  (66-68)
President Gerald Ford
Predecessor Gerald Ford
Successor Walter Mondale

Full Name Nelson Aldrich Rockefeller

July 8, 1908

Bar Harbor, Maine

Father John Davison Rockefeller Jr.  (1874-1960)
Mother Abigail Greene Aldrich  (1874-1948)

John Davis Rockefeller III  (1906-1978)

Laurance Spelman Rockefeller  (1910-2004)

Winthrop Aldrich Rockefeller  (1912-1973)

David Rockefeller  (1915-)

Sisters Abigail Rockefeller Mauzé  (1903-1976)
Alma Mater Dartmouth College  (A.B. 1930)

Chairman of the Commission on Critical Choices for Americans  (1973-1974)

Chairman of the National Commission on Water Quality (1973-1976)

49th Governor of New York  (1959-1973)

President of the Rockefeller Brothers Fund  (1956)

Special Assistant to the President for Foreign Affairs  (1954-1956)

1st Under Secretary of Health, Education, and Welfare  (1953-1954)

Chairman of the Presidential Advisory Committee on Government Organization  (1952-1953)

Chairman of the International Development Advisory Board  (1950-1952)

Chairman of the Rockefeller Center Inc.  (1945-1953, 1956-1958)

1st Assistant Secretary of State for American Republic Affairs  (1944-1945)

President of the Museum of Modern Art  (1939-1941, 1946-1953)

President of the Rockefeller Center Inc.  (1938-1945, 1948-1951)

Treasurer of the Museum of Modern Art  (1935-1939)

Chairman of Creole Petroleum  (1935-1940)


January 26, 1979

New York City, New York

(70 years)

Mary Todhunter Clark  (1907-1999)

Married June 23, 1930

Divorced March 16, 1962

(31 years)

Margaretta Large Fitler Murphy  (1926-)

Married May 4, 1963

(15 years)


Rodman Clark Rockefeller

(m.1953 Barbara Olsen)

(m.1980 Alexandra von Metzler)

Born 1932

Died 2000

(68 years)

Ann Clark Rockefeller Pierson Coste Harris

(m.1955 Robert Pierson)

(m.1970 Lionel Coste Jr.)

(m.1979 George Harris)

Borm 1934

(81 years)

Steven Clark Rockefeller

(m.1959 Anne-Marie Rasmussen)

(m.1991 Barbara Bellows)

Born 1936

(79 years)

Mary Clark Rockefeller Strawbridge Morgan Callard

(m.1961 William Strawbridge)

(m.1974 Thomas Morgan)

(m.1980 David Callard)

Born 1938

(77 years)

Michael Clark Rockefeller

Born 1938

Died 1961

(23 years)

Nelson Aldrich Rockefeller Jr.

(m.1999 Amy Taylor)

Born 1964

(51 years)

Mark Fitler Rockefeller

(m.1998 Renee Anisko)

Born 1967

(48 years)