Warren G. Harding, 29th President of the United States

29th President
Political Party Republican
Term March 4, 1921 - August 2, 1923  (55-57)
Vice President Calvin Coolidge
Predecessor Woodrow Wilson
Successor Calvin Coolidge

Full Name Warren Gamaliel Harding

November 2, 1865

Blooming Grove, Ohio

Father George Tryon Harding  (1843-1928)
Mother Phoebe Elizabeth Dickerson Harding  (1843-1910)

Charles Alexander Harding  (1874-1878)

George Tryon Harding, Jr.  (1878-1934)


Charity Harding Remsberg  (1867-1951)

Mary Clarissa Harding  (1868-1913)

Eleanor Priscilla Harding (1872-1878)

Abigail Harding Lewis  (1875-1935)

Phoebe Harding Votaw  (1879-1951)

Alma Mater Ohio Central College  (B.S. 1882)

U.S. Senator from Ohio  (1915-1921)

28th Lieutenant Governor of Ohio  (1904-1906)



August 2, 1923

San Francisco, California

(57 years)

Florence Mabel Kling DeWolfe  (1860-1924)

Married July 8, 1891

(32 years)


Presidential Election of 1920
Nominee Running Mate Political Party Popular Vote Electoral Vote
Warren G. Harding  (OH) Calvin Coolidge  (MA) Republican 16,144,093  (60.32%) 404
James M. Cox  (OH) Franklin D. Roosevelt  (NY) Democratic 9,139,661  (34.15%) 127
Eugene V. Debs  (IN) Seymour Stedman  (IL) Socialist 913,693  (3.41%) 0
Parley P. Christensen  (IL) Max S. Hayes  (OH) Farmer-Labor

265,398  (0.99%)

Aaron S. Watkins  (IN) D. Leigh Colvin  (NY) Prohibition 188,787  (0.71%) 0
James E. Ferguson  (TX) William J. Hough  (NY) American 47,968  (0.18%) 0
William W. Cox  (MO) August Gilhaus  (NY) Socialist Labor 31,084  (0.12%) 0
Robert C. Macauley  (PA) Richard C. Barnum  (OH) Single Tax 5,750  (0.02%) 0

Presidential Cabinet
Name Office  Term
Charles E. Hughes  (NY) Secretary of State 1921-1923
Andrew Mellon  (PA) Secretary of Treasury 1921-1923
John W. Weeks  (MA) Secretary of War 1921-1923
Harry M. Daugherty  (OH) Attorney General 1921-1923
Edwin Denby  (MI) Secretary of the Navy 1921-1923

Will H. Hays  (IN)

Hubert Work  (CO)

Harry S. New  (IN)

Postmaster General




Albert B. Fall  (NM)

Hubert Work  (CO)

Secretary of the Interior



Henry C. Wallace  (IA) Secretary of Agriculture 1921-1923
Herbert Hoover  (CA) Secretary of Commerce 1921-1923
James J. Davis  (PA) Secretary of Labor 1921-1923

United States Supreme Court
Nominee Position Term

Edward D. White  (LA)

William Howard Taft  (OH)

Chief Justice

1910-1921  (11 years, died)

1921-1930  (9 years, retired)

Joseph McKenna  (CA)

Oliver W. Holmes Jr.  (MA)

William R. Day  (OH)

Willis Van Devanter  (WY)

Mahlon Pittney  (NJ)

James C. McReynolds  (TN)

Louis Brandeis  (MA)

John H. Clarke  (OH)

George Sutherland  (UT)

Pierce Butler  (MN)

Edward T. Sanford  (TN)

Associate Justice

1898-1925  (27 years, retired)

1902-1932  (30 years, retired)

1903-1922  (19 years, retired)

1910-1937  (27 years, retired)

1912-1922  (10 years, retired)

1914-1941  (27 years, retired)

1916-1939  (23 years, retired)

1916-1922  (6 years, retired)

1922-1938  (16 years, retired)

1922-1939  (17 years, died)

1923-1930  (7 years, died)

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