W Stephens CA

24th Governor of California
Political Party Republican
Term March 15, 1917 - January 8, 1923  (57-63)
Lieutenant Governor

Arthur H. Breed  1917-1919

C.C. Young   1919-1923

Predecessor Hiram Johnson
Successor Friend Richardson

Full Name William Dennison Stephens

December 26, 1859

Eaton, Ohio

Father Martin Fisher Stephens  (1827-1902)
Mother Alvira Leibee  (1830-1888)

Frank Stephens  (1854-1854)

Charles Stephens  (1872-1874)


Susan Stephens Reynolds  (1855-1933)

Carrie Stephens Wilson  (1861-1956)

Effie Stephens Stephenson  (1862-1927)

Hattie Stephens  (1864-1864)

Alvira Stephens Davis  (1866-1951)

Sallie Stephens Fogerty  (1869-1960)

Military Service


California Army National Guard



27th Lieutenant Governor of California  (1916-1917)

Representative from California's 10th District  (1913-1916)

Representative from California's 7th District  (1911-1913)

27th Mayor of Los Angeles, California  (1909)

Vice President of the American National Bank  (1909)

Member of the Los Angeles, California Board of Water Commissioners  (1907-1909)

Member of the Los Angeles, California Board of Education  (1906-1907)

Mmber of the Board of Directors for the Los Angeles, California Chamber of Commerce  (1902-1911)


Grocery Owner

Railroad Engineer

School Teacher


April 25, 1944

Los Angeles, California

(84 years)

Flora Rawson  (1869-1931)

Married June 17, 1891

Widowed April 21, 1931

(39 years)


Barbara Stephens Zane Osburn

(m.1913 Randolph Zane)

(m.1921 John Osburn)

Born 1893

Died 1966

(73 years)

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